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This riveting book is a revealing and poignant portrait of the glory days of Canadian journalism, the courage of one of its heroes and the complex rivalry between father and son. The story of Robert Reguly is a classic tale of immigrant roots, old-school reporting, spectacular scoops and fearless war-zone correspondence. The narrative spans the planet, from the Gerda Munsinger spy scandal to the killing fields of Vietnam and Biafra. But the story is told through the eyes of his son Eric, a renowned journalist in his own right, and it benefits from the psychological insights of today’s truth-telling. Ghosts of War takes a clear-eyed view of the personal cost of such reporting, the sense of justice and morality that drives it, the trauma that can surround it, and why it remains so essential today.

Geoffrey York | Africa Bureau Chief of The Globe and Mail

Robert Reguly was one of the most famous Canadian reporters of his era and a master at exposing truths, yet he remained a mystery to those who loved him most. In Ghosts of Wars, his son, the journalist Eric Reguly, relies on his own reporting skills as he embarks on a poignant journey to better understand his late fathers’ motives and emotional wounds. This takes him to Vietnam, the biggest story of Robert's lifetime. Eric retraces the fierce battles his daring father reported, and his disillusionment with the American military's brutality toward civilians in a war that was an “ultimate travesty and tragedy for millions of Vietnamese.” The trauma of Vietnam left deep, albeit rarely acknowledged scars on Robert Reguly. His son’s moving account of his career reminds us how ghosts unleashed by wars can haunt families through generations.

Brian Stewart | Foreign Correspondent for the CBC

Eric's journey in his father's footsteps is a gripping journey of the self. Ghosts of War echoes with what strong journalism used to bring us: uncensored truth.

Tim Page | acclaimed Vietnam War photographer, filmmaker, and author

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